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when I saw these I was thinking it would be cool to have them in heavy metal (magazine) with some story attached ... they are so narrative. So why a hardcover and softcover at the same time? Any extras in the "delux" hardcover or is that marketing? i think al forms of art criticism are essentially harmless, just a compensation for a lack of social skills. I was interested to read your interview that the art social world is dead. All those receptions i guess.

To say art criticism is harmless is just ignorant. Artists who get written up by the right people get to sell work and remain professional artists, ones who do not don't. Plus, curators justify their choices for what gets bought by museums or put in books based on "critical consensus". You cannot have an article about an artist in a major art magazine unless a critic is willing to write an essay to go with it. No critics-->no career, no career-->no time to make art. That's huge. In the fine art world, critics are nowhere near as harmless as they are in film and music.

Why a hardcover and softcover simultaneously? No idea--maybe ask Tin House.

Rowdy site. Hope the book is going well - and it is frustrating dealing with the mob that lurks outside the circle of people you are friends with, who share some philosophical/real-actual ground - beliefs and practices which are barely worth trying to put into words. I like your arts!

After months of thinking about your stuff, and several runs thru your sketchbook, this is still my favorite one. I'll find my second favorite and comment on it in a sec.

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