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lots of energy; i wonder what warhol would have said? i wonder if you'd gone to school in LA how your art would be different? i wonder if commercial success has liberated or constrained you ...even in how you approach what you sketch. I'd like for you to publish a sketchbook someday, like the crumb ones that are exact reproductions page for page. i wonder what you think of crumb? and that's what goes through my mind when i see your sketches.

Warhol would've said:
"Saw art on the computer today, cashed a check, took pills. I love cashing checks. Sometimes I have dreams where I'm a check and God cashes me. Must remember to tell someone to buy socks."

If I'd gone to school in LA, well who knows.

Commercial success has neither liberated nor constrained me. If it did, that would mean I was a moron, and I'm not. I make what needs making.

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