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Cristina de Miguel in ARTPIL

Cristina de Miguel

My paintings are based on captured moments, ideas, and emotion, primarily expressed via the portrait and allegorical narrative. The images and motifs that are featured in my paintings often borrow from old masterpieces, social media and absurd daily scenes. I seek to create paintings that appear free, fresh, austere and spontaneous, while at the same time existing in a deliberate and planned manner. I am attracted to the direct and unaffected manner in which children illustrate coloring books, filling the black-outlined images with passionate scribbles of energy and carefree gestures. Some of the images reference ‘old master’ painting, such as Luncheon On The Grass (Manet), Boy Leading A Horse (Picasso), and Adam Expelled From Paradise (various Renaissance masters). I hope to reinvigorate these subjects with a contemporary twist. [Interview via Slayer Gallery]