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Lucas Foglia awarded a 2024 Guggenheim Fellowship

Lucas Foglia

Fellow: Awarded 2024

Lucas Foglia (born 1983) is a fine art photographer based in Berkeley, California, who makes stories about people in nature. With a clear aesthetic, his projects convey narratives that are lyrical, nuanced, and compassionate. Foglia’s Guggenheim Fellowship project traces the longest butterfly migration, creating an allegory for people migrating and the world changing. Foglia’s photographic prints have been widely exhibited in the United States and internationally, including at Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, International Center of Photography, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Victoria & Albert Museum. He has published five books: A Natural Order (2012), Frontcountry (2014), Human Nature (2017), Summer After (2021), and American Prayer (2024). Combining art and advocacy, Foglia also shares his photographs with the people he portrays, news organizations, and NGOs.