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Lucas Foglia in Photoclimat Biennale at Place du Palais Royal, Paris, France


The Letourdunmonde association aims to develop, produce and present committed artistic projects, including the Photoclimat biennial. It creates links between art, the associative sphere and experts by questioning major societal issues through creation. 

It carries out actions aimed at the general public by decentralizing art from traditional cultural spaces, thus making it accessible to everyone.



Photoclimat is the first free, open-air environmental and social biennial, which is held for a month in the heart of Paris and its metropolitan area. Its aim is to give visibility to around fifty NGOs and Foundations through photographic art. 

Promoting the work of NGOs through art makes it possible to report on their daily actions on the ground, but also on the people who work with them. In France alone, more than 12 million people are part of an association.