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4 Artists

Aisling Hamrogue, Anna Kenneally, Lizzy Lunday and Austyn Weiner

March 25 – April 24, 2021

4 Artists
4 Artists
4 Artists
4 Artists
Anna Kenneally Subterranean Homesick Alien, 2021
Anna Kenneally The Frieze of Life, 2021
Anna Kenneally One I Wish We Never Played, 2021
Anna Kenneally The Hand of Lizzie Siddal, 2021
Austyn Weiner The Oximeter Reads 76 (The Shiniest Hell), 2021
Aisling Hamrogue Terror on Blue Moon Lake, 2021
Aisling Hamrogue The Swan's Veil, 2021
Aisling Hamrogue Night Caller, 2021
Lizzy Lunday Corpse Master, 2021
Lizzy Lunday Sky Smells Like Vanilla wafers, 2020
Lizzy Lunday Outdoor Embrace, 2020

Press Release

Aisling Hamrogue’s current body of work is comprised of paintings that integrate horror and feminist theories. The appropriation of horror imagery allows her to reconstruct her experience of patriarchal violence into an established genre of representation that is committed to the fetishization and destruction of women. Her painting style is drawn from book cover illustrations and film poster design from the 1980’s. This style underlines the themes of narrative and fiction explored in the work. Drawing from both personal experience and mainstream imagery, these paintings examine the relationship between our private selves and our public representation. By reclaiming these pop cultural subjects, Hamrogue uncovers the hidden power dynamics underlying our society.


Anna Kenneally’s quixotic figures are sequestered at the fringes of society. Evoking a Victorian Gothic melancholy, they radiate the aesthetics of darkness as they navigate uncharted surroundings like vagrants picking over decimated landscapes. Kenneally’s neo-romanticism favours subversive poses amongst erratic brushwork in order to highlight a disconnect and a warped relationship with the landscape. Ravaged by nature and engulfed by unruly forms, her characters reinstate the focus on their motivations, appearances of the self, and their clumsy attempts at reconnection.


Lizzy Lunday’s paintings portray intimacy, both romanticized and at odds with itself. Working with imagery taken from media and her daily life, she paints figures with varying degrees of rendering and line work, situated in dream-like environments. The situations she creates between subjects present a tension between idealized representations of intimacy and its lived complications. Lunday’s paintings embody a duality; her figures can be viewed as comforted or uncomfortable, real or imagined—with reaching hands that can be read as tender or territorial. 

Austyn Weiner is an abstract painter. She will be exhibiting one monumental-sized work about which she writes: " The Oximeter Reads 76" was originally conceived this past December on an abrupt trip to my hometown of Miami. I spent weeks pacing back and forth through my parent’s apartment while my father lied dormant on a ventilator fighting for his life. Time had stopped, and I found myself rising and falling like the numbers on the oximeter. Everything I loved had lost its purpose: the ocean's current, the familiar hues of sunrise and sunset, and the liveliness of a world that usually set my adolescent soul ablaze. I preemptively felt the loneliness and heartbreak one would feel when they lose their person in life, when they lose their compass. I prayed to the elements: the sea, the sky, and all that surrounded me... they carried me through. They carried him through."


Fredericks & Freiser is located at 536 West 24th Street, New York, NY. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm. During the COVID 19 pandemic, capacity will be limited, large groups will not be accommodated, and private appointments can be made for individual viewing. For more information, please contact us by phone: (212) 633 6555, or email: Visit us on Instagram, @fredericksandfreiser.