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Maximilian Toth

Little Beasts

December 10, 2009 – January 30, 2010

MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Rearranging Deck Chairs, 2009
MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Leap Frog, 2009
MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Sharks and Minnows, 2009
MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Kill the Carrier, 2009
MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Red Rover, 2009
MAXIMILIAN TOTH, Breaking a Chair in Three Parts, 2009

Press Release

Fredericks & Freiser is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Maximilian Toth. Toth makes large-scale canvases of sketchy figures on chalkboard-black grounds. His figures consciously suggest a process, a fast rendering of a moment by which the raw physicality of a line describes both the potential to uncover a narrative as well as the active presence of a narrator. Little Beasts will present five large canvases and two drawings. 

Toth addresses the personal mythologies of suburban boys stumbling towards manhood. He focuses on the newfound strength and aggression of young men in a swirl of linear gesture. Ritualistic hijinks marked by various degrees of violence define a phenomenon that is both innocent and savage. Through these 

archetypically male scenarios, Toth presents the raw and the physical. Similarly, erased and redrawn lines anchor the tone of the narrative and lay bare the construction of the painting.

About the Artist
Maximilian Toth (born 1978) received a BFA from Art Center, Pasadena and an MFA from Yale in 2006. He has exhibited at Franklin Artworks, Minneapolis (solo), Wadsworth Athenaeum, Dallas Contemporary, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, and Jack Tilton Gallery. Toth lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. This will be his second solo show with Fredericks & Freiser.