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Zak Smith

Pictures that Look Good and Were Hard to Make

March 29 through May 3, 2003

Zak Smith, Jee Young Sim, Winter, 2003
Zak Smith, Chess, 2002
Zak Smith, Objects Have Mass and Take Up Space, 2003
Zak Smith, Self-Portrait with Robots and Art, 2003
Zak Smith, Strategic Air-Strikes on Densely-Populated Urban Areas, 2003
Zak Smith, Varrick in a Shirt I Made That has a Monkey
Zak Smith, Does Not Occupy Too Much Space of Flower Pot, 2000
Zak Smith, Stacks, 2002
Zak Smith, V in a Corner with a Stuffed Rabbit, 2002
Zak Smith, Life Will Not Break Your Heart it Will Crush it, 2002